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Our vision | Little Big World e.V.


Our vision
We at Little Big World know that the path to our vision, an equal world population, is full of challenges. But we have four specific missions that always motivate and drive us forward in our project work:

1. Create awareness and show individual opportunities
In the media we see and hear every day about misery, need and injustice in the world. We react to this with a feeling of helplessness. What can I do as a single person to help a disadvantaged family or community in underdeveloped countries? Does it make sense to donate? What could an aid project look like?
However, many people are resigning to the seemingly unsolvable task of combating effectively and sustainably the suffering in poor countries. Little Big World is therefore committed to showing people in privileged parts of the world that with their individual help they can contribute to better living conditions in developing countries. Our vision is that more and more people are aware of their own power to change something in the world, that they know how to help and that they ultimately put it into practice.

2. Encourage and challenge young people
Another goal of our work is to arouse the interest of many young people in development aid and to implement it into their own commitment. Little Big World therefore wants to give them the opportunity to incorporate their own ideas and enthusiasm into all projects. Because we know that in the long term, young people will decide on the future of our organization, the sustainability and thus the long-term success of our projects in developing countries.

3. Do sustainable development work in the sense of "helping people to help themselves"
The most important goal of our organization Little Big World e.V. is to sustainably improve the living conditions of people in need in developing countries. We work according to the principle of "helping people to help themselves", in which we show people on the ground new ways that can help them improving their own conditions. Our vision is that thanks to our educational measures, people themselves are able to significantly improve their quality of life, so that our world population is gradually developing into a more equal and international society.

4. Promote cooperation between aid organizations in developing countries
We are convinced that effective networking of local aid organizations in developing countries is a key to sustainably improving the quality of life. This is why we are constantly working on networking local aid organizations with one another. Our vision is that they learn from each other and benefit from each other, so that they can join forces and together achieve even greater progress and success in their regions.

Help us to help
You too can contribute to the success of our projects in developing countries. You can find out how to do this in your individual opportunities for social engagement at Little Big World. Do you have any questions or suggestions about our work? Please feel free to contact us!

„So many of our dreams at first seem impossible, then they seem improvable, and then, when we summon, they will, they soon become inevitable.” – Christopher Reeve
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