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About us | Little Big World e.V.


This is Little Big World
Central ideas, principles, ethos

Little Big World is a non-profit organization for worldwide development aid. Since 2011, our organization has been committed to the sustainable improvement of living conditions for people in need in developing countries. When selecting, planning, and implementing projects, Little Big World always follows the principle of fighting problems at its roots - and we not only work in distant Germany, but also regularly supervise our projects on site.

Our Team
Over the past few years, our organization has been able to attract many committed people as new members. Today, Little Big World e.V. is a team of young, creative, and ambitious people who actively contribute their different skills and experiences to the work of the organization and implement projects for development aid together with our cooperation partners.

Our motivation
We are aware that we belong to the privileged 1% of the world's population who are not lacking basic things such as accommodation, daily food, and access to clean drinking water. Nevertheless, we see ourselves as citizens of the world and cannot and do not want to ignore this imbalance and injustice. We believe that active action and rethinking must take place in our affluent society. That is why we would like to use our possibilities and our knowledge to draw attention to the problems of the growing world population and to support the difficult path to a world with the same conditions and standards for every man, woman and child. In our vision we describe how we want to achieve this and what concrete goals we have set for our work.

Our work
Our work is always based on the principles of "loyalty", "transparency" and "sustainability".
· In order to be able to pursue the basic idea of ​​“sustainability”, we rely on long-term and reliable cooperation with our partners, especially with local aid organizations.
· The basic requirement for any cooperation in the sense of "loyalty" is that the cooperation partner can identify with the basic ideas and guidelines of our development work and that all joint work is geared towards this. We, too, are committed to keeping an eye on the common goal in order to successfully implement the projects.
· We expect mutual trust, which can be built and maintained through transparent decisions, processes, and honest communication.

Do you like our work?
If you can identify with our ideas and principles and are now wondering how you can support Little Big World in its work, please have a look at your individual opportunities for social engagement in our organization. Of course, you can contact us with any questions or suggestions at any time without obligation.
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